MYPT - Meet Your Personal Trainer

Hi, I'm Sarah, and training, fitness and sports are my passion. I believe everyone can reach their personal fitness goals; whether you are training for an elite triathlon, or simply wanting to shed some holiday weight.  I offer tailor-made training packages that are as individual as you are. I work around your schedule and preferences to ensure we reach your goals together.  Having great health and fitness is an achieveable goal for everyone; and I can help make this happen for you.


My background is in sports education and I was a P.E. teacher for 12 years before moving into personal training.  As such, I have had a vast experience of working with individuals from a range of backgrounds and fitness levels.  I have always loved the feeling of helping others to achieve their fitness goals - this is something that drives me. Before moving to Prague I spent six years teaching P.E. in Malaysia.  


I have always enjoyed being active and taking part in sports.  I enjoy outdoor activities and am looking forward to learning to row on the Vltava!  I believe that you're never too old to try something new and that everyone can find a physical activity that inspires and stimulates them.  


I hope that through MYPT you will find yourself inspired too!



"I will never forget Sarah's determination and persistence to work on my fitness.  Being someone who is more naturally inclined to be horizontal in my spare time, Sarah still managed to work me to the bone!  She found many different ways to push me, tailoring the exercises to my weaknesses and designing them to better my game and fitness.  Although at the time I would complain, Sarah changed my mindset towards fitness and taught me to push myself... so much so, that now I cannot go more than a few days without exercise.  She made the sessions fun and motivated me.  Sarah is a great Personal Trainer and I would recommend her to anyone." 







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