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@ your home  @ the park  @ your workplace


MYPT Fitness offers tailor-made training that is as individual as you are. Whether you are an elite athlete looking for specialised training, or a beginner simply looking to improve your fitness or lose a few pounds, then MYPT Fitness can offer you a bespoke training plan to ensure you meet your goals.  Book a FREE CONSULTATION with Sarah today!


MYPT Training Tips
MYPT's Training Tips for Success

1. Set goals

2. Commit to seeing them through to the end

3. Believe that you will achieve them

4. Stick to an eating plan

5. Train regularly

6. Train hard - push yourself

7. Don't cheat - you are only cheating yourself

8. Start every day determined to succeed

9. If you don't feel like training... Train anyway

10. Don't make excuses


MYPT Special Offers
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